A 2-day knowledge-sharing and networking opportunity for local/domestic/international researchers, designers, and practitioners in and around the field of circular design.


*基本言語は英語になりますが、Keynote speechは逐次通訳、SessionとUnconferenceは同時字幕と簡易的な言語サポートが入ります。

  • DAY 1 (Dec. 2nd)

    2023.12.2 | 10:00 - 18:00 + Reception dinner

    DAY 2 (Dec. 3rd)

    2023.12.3 | 10:30 - 17:30

  • Venue

    Municipal Hall

    (Kamoike Shinmachi 7-4, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture)


    (鹿児島県 鹿児島市鴨池新町7番4号)

  • Capacity

    Max. 100 participants


CONFERENCE - DAY 1 (Dec, 02)

Keynote speech ( 11:30-12:30 )

Place-Based Approach to Circular Innovation

Dan Hill

Dan Hill / ダンヒル

Director at Melbourne School of Design
(City of Melbourne)

Professor Dan Hill is a designer, urbanist, educator, and experienced leader at the intersection of design, technology, and cities. Dan held the position of Director of Strategic Design for the Swedish Government’s innovation and research agency, Vinnova from 2019 to 2022. His previous leadership positions have produced innovative, influential teams and projects, ranging across built environment and architecture (two stints at Arup, Future Cities Catapult), education and research (Fabrica, AHO, UCL), government and social innovation (SITRA, Vinnova), and media (BBC, Domus, Monocle). He was one of the Mayors of London’s inaugural Design Advocates, a Trustee of Participatory City Foundation, and a founding member of the UN HABITAT Council for Urban Initiatives.

デザイナー、アーバニスト、教育者。デザイン・テクノロジー・都市を結節点とした都市デザイン領域において経験豊富なリーダーです。2019年から2022年まで、スウェーデン政府のイノベーション庁 Vinnovaのストラテジックデザイン・ディレクターを務めた。これまで、空間と建築(Arup、Future Cities Catapult)、教育と研究(Fabrica、AHO、UCL)、政府とソーシャル・イノベーション(SITRA、Vinnova)、メディア(BBC、Domus、Monocle)と多岐にわたり、世界的な組織で指揮を執ってきました。また、ロンドン市長直下のDesign Advocatesも務め、Participatory City Foundationの評議員、UN HABITAT Council for Urban Initiativesの創設メンバーも務めています。

Session 1 ( 13:30-14:50 )

Re-assessing local resources and co-designing circular ecosystem

  • Takako Ohyama

    Takako Ohyama

    大山 貴子

    CEO at Fog, Inc.

  • Kasumi Fujita

    Kasumi Fujita

    藤田 香澄

    Director at Gassaku Co.
    (Osaki town)

  • Kevin Yang

    Kevin Yang

    楊 振甫

    CEO and Founder at 5% Design Action
    (Taipei City)

Session 2 ( 15:10-16:30 )

Putting place in its place: ecosystemic approaches to circular economy

  • Fumiko Ichikawa

    Fumiko Ichikawa

    市川 文子

    Co-CEO at Re:public, Inc.

  • Aining Ouyang

    Aining Ouyang

    歐陽 藹寧

    CEO at REnato Lab
    (Taipei City)

  • James Hollow

    James Hollow


    Founder / CEO at Fabric, Inc.

CONFERENCE - DAY 2 (Dec, 03)

Session 3 ( 11:00-12:20 )

Building "business ecologies" with circularity in mind

  • Hiroshi Tamura

    Hiroshi Tamura

    田村 大

    Co-CEO at Re:public, Inc.
    (Fukuoka City)

  • Justin Yu

    Justin Yu

    游 適任

    CEO at Alife / Plan b
    (Taipei City)

  • Kanta Kobira

    Kanta Kobira

    小平 勘太

    CEO at Kobira Co, Inc.
    (Hioki City)

Unconference ( 13:30-16:00 )

Workshops in small working groups based on their interests and themes.

  • Dan Hill

    Dan Hill


    Director at Melbourne
    School of Design
    (City of Melbourne)

  • Daijiro Mizuno

    Daijiro Mizuno

    水野 大二郎

    Professor at Center for Possible Futures
    Kyoto Institute of Technology
    (Kyoto City)

  • Tokushu Inamura

    Tokushu Inamura

    稲村 徳州

    Assistant Professor at Kyushu University
    Department of Strategic Design / Faculty of Design
    (Fukuoka City)